How to Fix a Bad Laptop Battery


The battery is typically the most unreliable part of a laptop or notebook computer. Many laptop owners will find that after a few months of typical use, their battery has lost significant capacity or died completely. A bad battery can greatly inhibit a laptop computer's usability. Before purchasing a new laptop battery, which can often be very expensive, several troubleshooting steps can help you fix a bad one.

Test the battery to determine its current condition. Find out if the laptop can boot up without the power adapter connected and then see how long the battery will hold a charge. If the laptop will not start up at all without the power adapter, the battery may be physically damaged.

Shut down the computer, unplug the power adapter and remove the battery pack from the bottom of the laptop. Then check the battery and its connections for any noticeable damage. If the battery is cracked or a connection is damaged, it must be replaced.

Press the status button on the battery pack to find out how much charging power is remaining. The status button looks different for each laptop model, but in most cases, pressing it will illuminate a certain number of lights based on the remaining battery life. If the battery shows a full or near-full charge, the problem is most likely with another part of the computer.

Place the battery back into the bottom of the laptop, ensuring that it locks into place, and then plug in the power adapter. Let the battery charge for 30 minutes before disconnecting the power adapter and trying to boot the computer up again.

Calibrate your laptop battery to boost its performance. The calibration process involves letting the battery fully charge and then having the laptop run only on battery power until it drains all of its charge power and turns off.

Swap the laptop battery with another one if you own additional batteries. This will allow you to confirm whether the issue is a single bad battery or a larger problem with the computer's power system.

Tips & Warnings

Check your warranty information to find out if your laptop's battery is covered. If so, you can contact your manufacturer to have the battery replaced.