How to Fix a PSP Memory Card


How to Fix a PSP Memory Stick
Upgrade your PSP's Firmware (its operating system) before doing anything else. Firmware 5.0 solves many software problems that are encountered with older memory sticks. You can upgrade it by simply connecting your PSP to any wireless connection through its WiFi. Once a connection is established, the PSP will update itself automatically.

Check to see that your memory stick's plastic tongs, the small sticks that separate each connection, are straight. If one is bent, your PSP will not recognize the stick.


How to Fix Java Runtime Errors


Script is a command list that is utilized by execution software for the purposes of facilitating websites and the processes on these websites. VB (Visual Basic) is the script used by Microsoft Windows. Runtime script error messages manifest when a command from the script list is ineligible to the execution software on a webpage, thus generating the runtime error message. Internet Explorer can be altered to block out script settings on Web pages as well as blocking runtime error messages.

How to Fix CDs That Are Scratched


When one of your CDs gets scratched, it is upsetting, especially if the CD is one of your favorites albums or has important information stored on it. Repair the scratches and get the fixed CD copied to your computer --- a repaired CD is always a short-term solution --- so that you can then burn other copies.

How to Fix Missing DLL Files


Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are integral to the functionality of a computer and the software that runs on one. If a DLL is corrupted or missing, the program to which the DLL belongs won't start or run properly. You will likely receive an error message that informs you of the problem and names the DLL file behind the malfunction. DLL errors aren't very difficult to fix, and you'll be surprised at the speed at which you can get the errors cleared and the software that caused the errors back up and running.

How to Fix a Disappearing "Start" Menu, "Start" Button and Taskbar


Much of your daily use of Windows revolves around the taskbar, the strip at the bottom of the screen that holds the Start button, Start menu and quick-launch icons for your most-used programs. Precisely because the taskbar is so central to daily use, it can be frustrating when it disappears for no apparent reason. This can happen for a number of reasons, but most require only a few clicks of the mouse to fix.

How to Repair a Broken Screen on an HP Computer


Laptop LCD screens are known to break easily because of their fragile design. They are made up of a liquid crystal material that is pressed between two glass plates. This makes for a device that cracks easily when dropped or frequently mishandled. Replacing your HP laptop's LCD screen involves completely dismantling the display panel and removing the broken screen. If you don't know what you're doing, you can cause significant damage to your laptop.

How to Fix Fallout 3 That Freezes PC


Fallout 3 is an action-based role playing game created by Bethesda Softworks. The game takes place in a post-nuclear version of Washington, DC and features a protagonist that has to seek out his lost father. A few known errors affect Fallout 3 and cause it to crash or freeze up during gameplay. The most common of these involves the game's audio decoder.

How to Fix Sound in Windows XP


If you are experiencing problems with the sound on a computer that is running the Windows XP operating system then you must troubleshoot the problem to determine the best solution. The most common reason for experiencing sound issues is a problem with the sound driver that is installed on your computer. You can fix problems with your sound driver by installing any updates. If updating your driver doesn’t help you can find the cause and solution for your problem using the Sound Troubleshooter feature.

How to Fix a JavaScript Error


JavaScript errors are denoted by a small yellow icon in your Internet Explorer browser. When you double-click the icon, the browser displays the errors. Errors occur from syntax mistakes in the code, or if the user has scripts blocked on the browser. You must check these two issues to ensure the JavaScript code runs on the computer.

How to Fix a Laptop Sound Card


A key function of any laptop is sound. Audio is integral to not only multimedia and entertainment functions such as games, music and video playback on services like YouTube, but sound effects tied to a laptop and its operating system can provide important audio cues that point toward key notifications or warnings. When sound fails and a sound card stops working, so can a lot of the usefulness of a laptop. Fortunately, troubleshooting these problems is a straightforward process.

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